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If you think about it, the process of singing the birthday song and cutting the cake is extremely satanic

no but seriously imagine it this way

a small gathering of people huddle around a object on fire, chanting ritualistically a repetitive song in unison until the fire is blown out and a knife is stabbed into the object

you must be fun at parties

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Anonymous asked:

Did you notice that you can get the names of the classes they have not revealed yet by right clicking and saving the image(the name of the class will be the name of the image). Just thought I would share.


(This is actually a really good technique for info and I’ve been using it for a few months now.)

Here is what the file names revealed: 

Warrior Specializations: Champion, Templar, Reaver

Rogue Specializations: Artificer, Assassin, Tempest

Mage Specializations: Knight Enchanter, Necromancer, Rift Mage

The romances are more complex both in type of romances going forward and how you go through that romance," Lee explained to us. "The different types of sexual orientation of the different kinds of characters around you is also more complex than in previous games. I think there’s going to be a lot more realistic… realistic… you know what I mean — anyway, more engaging and more involved than in previous games. That’s definitely the goal, and we are definitely going to go out there with some characters just being one sexual orientation. And that previously wasn’t the case. The real world reflects that so we’re going to make a game that reflects that as well.
Cameron Lee (via danaduchy)
The Inquisition has three main pillars right, they have a military force lead by one particular character, you’ve got a secret facet with spies and assassins lead by Leliana from DAO and then you’ve got a political pillar, which is all about the politics, the backroom deals and the connections you have… not just through nobles but also through merchant houses and stuff like that. And the area you decide to invest in both in terms of how you decide to grow and customise your Inquisition but also the types of content you decide to engage in is all up to the player.
Cameron Lee [AusGamers] (via dragonaging)
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