I start to receive msgs asking me if i can do one for flexibility, this one is for the whole body, if you want an specific area, please feel free to ask me and i will be happy to do it, remember before you start warm!

so here is a little flexibility guide that will help you, i start doing the following poses and really helps me!

Try to do each pose 3 to 5 breaths. ( I do 3 times this guide, every week, you can do daily to! have a lot of benefits beside the flexibility)

1. Padangusthasana: Stand on your feet, bend your back forward, keep your knees straight - if hurts or you do not have much flexibility, bend the knees - relax your arms, take your elbows with your hands and swing your body from side to side, keep your shoulders away from your ears.

2. Triangle pose: Step your feet 3 to 4 feet apart, raise your arms parallel to the floor, turn your left foot in slightly to the right and your right foot out to the right 90 degrees, extend your torso to the right directly over the right leg, bending from the hip, not the waist, rest your right hand on your shin, ankle, or the floor outside your right foot, if you don’t reach the floor you can use a block.

3. Dolphin pose: Begin on all fours with your knees beneath your hips and wrists beneath your shoulders, bring your elbows to the floor, keeping them lined up with your shoulders and the forearms parallel on the floor, straighten your legs as if coming into downward facing dog. Remember keep your shoulders away from your ears and keep your back straight.

4. Down Dog: Lift your hips up and back to bring body into an inverted V, press hands into the floor and shoulders away from the floor, relax your neck!, Bend right knee, keep your back straight, switch to the other knee to warm up.

5. Camel pose: Come up onto your knees and curl your toes under, - take padding under your knees if they are sensitive - Draw your hands up the side of your body as you start to open your chest, try to reach your hands back one at a time to grasp your heels., bring your hips forward so that they are over your knees, let your head come back, opening your throat, and relax, to stand up put both arms straight in fron of your chest and pull your body up at the same time, don’t pull more of one side.

6. Paschimottanasana: Sit with your legs together, straight in front of you, now slowly fold forward from the hip joints, reach over your legs towards your toes, keep your back as straight as you can, try to bring your belly closer to your legs. Try to touch your head to your knees, don’t force the pose, you can use a strap if you can’t reach your feet folding from the hip joints!

7. Head to knee Forward Bend pose:  Bend your left knee and place right heel close to your inner thigh, keep the right leg stright, inhale and fold to your right leg from  the hips and exhale, try to keep your spine long, chest open and shoulders drawn down, tip: sit on block if your back isn’t straight.
8. Lunge pose: From downward facing dog, step the right foot up inside your right hand on, - if the foot doesn’t make it all the way up, move it into position with the right hand -bend the right knee so that it is directly over the right ankle with the right thigh parallel to the floor, - take particular care that your knee does not get ahead of your ankle, since this places the knee in a vulnerable position- Line your fingertips up with your toes come onto the fingertips to avoid placing too much weight in your hands , now roll your shoulder blades down your back, lengthen your spine, and bring your gaze to the horizon line, extend from your back heel to the crown of your head, try to hold up to five breaths, then return back to downward dog on an exhalation. Repeat with the left leg forward.
9. Parsvottanasana: With exhalation lean your torso forward in parallel with the floor, put your fingertips on the ground. If you can’t reach it, feel free to use a pair of blocks under your hands and stop at this step, if you feel that it is not enough, gently fold your torso from pelvis closer to your front leg, keep your heels on the floor and your back straight, relax, don’t forget to breathe, come up with an inhalation.
I hope you enjoy it and this helps you to your practice. 


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